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What good is a tracking system that doesn’t know where your skills are?

When staff log into their FronLine app, their profile and thereby their skill set is searchable via the control panel, which means that if an alert is raised (which require a specific skill set such as; language, First aid or Armed Response) the most relevant person is easily and instantly identified and dispatched.

You decide your staff member’s location parameters for their working day. You decide the tasks to be undertaken and the reporting required.┬áThe FrontLine app works as a GPS tracker that feeds all of the data about your staff movements into the Control Panel. This is extremely helpful because you can coordinate their work as simply as clicking a button.

With FrontLine not only do you know where everyone is in real-time, you also have a complete overview of how your staff skill sets are dispersed and dispatched via the app and the simple to use Control panel.

Example of skill filters used on a map:


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